Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mont Blanc Patisserie

Today, I proud to present about the one of my favorite bakery shop in Chiang Mai. The name of this bakery is Mont Blanc Patisserie. Cake is so interesting for me because it is cake of France style Japanese. Moreover, the owner congratulated from the best school in Japan about bakery. Almost, cakes in shop is so cute like the real Japanese style. Just I see it, I begin mouthwatering, immediately!!. I always go to this shop with friends because it is not only the taste of cake is impress for me, the atmosphere is so comfortable too. About the price is not expensive like you thought. Nimmanheamin Road Soi.7 and it's nearly with Mon Shop, you can find it this here. I confirm that it is tasty and you will fall in love with Mont Blanc like me!!!!!!!.

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